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Literary Bae Academy is perfect for writers who want a community of support to help them produce their BEST literary work.

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 Weekly trainings

✓ Access to our engaging Facebook membership community

✓ Our complete online library of video trainings and how-to articles

✓ A small group mastermind for feedback and direction.


Literary Bae Academy Classes Include: 

 ✓ Understanding Your Audience

✓ Bringing Your Book To Life

✓ Structure and Sequencing

✓ Publishing Like A Boss

✓ Character Development

✓ Marketing Your Message

✓ Scene Setting

And More!



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Live Workshops

Meet with team weekly for live workshops led by the Literary Baes. Join in on discussions covering all things related to writing, and the business or writing, and support other in the community while getting your own writing questions answered in real time.


Each month we will drop a copy of our newsletter, Bae News into your inbox. Bae News features writing prompts, a monthly recap, tips, worksheets, and more to take your writing to the next level.

Online Community

Our limited access Facebook community is a place for writers of all levels and background to connect and share their work. Get the support and inspiration you need from writers just like you.

Why Literary Bae Academy? 

Most people think that writing is a solitary activity, but that’s simply not true! Our goal is to bridge the gap between inexperienced writers and expert published authors and editors. Literary Bae Academy provides a comfortable and engaging space where members/writers can learn the writing and business techniques they need to tell their unique story and connect with other writers to get feedback on their work.




Members receive access to live lessons taught by our team of Literary Baes, an exclusive online writer’s community, and a monthly newsletter chocked full of tips and tools, delivered right to their inbox.




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 Our Program is designed to give you the tools and strategy you need to write, edit and publish high quality literary work that fully displays your expertise. If you’re tired of struggling to publish your book, curriculum, workbook, or novel and you’re ready to get help, join Literary Bae Academy today!  


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