Are you ready to Boss Your Book?

Are you tired of talking about writing a book? Tired of seeing everyone else publish and profit from their message and you’re just sitting there with an amazing story like. “HUH?”  

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 What’s the next step?


You’ll learn:

How to write your book in as little as

6 months even if you suck at writing.

Beat the stress and the frustration with the right plan!

I’m going to teach you my proven writing strategy that I used to help my one client go from only having a catchy book title to being a bestselling author, television show host, full-time philanthropist and fashion designer.  Yes! We did all that with this one tactic!

How to self-publish successfully without breaking the bank.

Stop the confusion and coins wasted.

Ignorance is expensive. The less you know about a particular program or process the more likely you are to be confused in attempting it and the more likely you are to waste money trying to figure it out. Stop all that! Let me show you the ropes my clients use to make mindful money moves and double their income with books.

How to monetize your message without a huge email list or following. 

Learn how to share your story and grow your brand.

There is nothing like launching a book or pitching a new product to an anxiously awaiting audience. But where do these people come from? How do you find an audience? And how do you connect with them?  Learn my fool-proof secret to building your own authentic tribe of loyal followers that convert into buyers. 

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